Website add-ons

In addition to our standard website packages we also have a huge number of add-ons which can be bought at any time, enabling you to configure a website to your specific requirements. The following list covers the most widely used add-ons – but if you want to know if we can do something not covered below, just ask – we probably can!


Organise news stories, with or without an image. This can also be used to display examples of your work, or for riders to give information about a number of horses. This is included free of charge on all websites.

RSS Feeds

This useful add-on adds the ability to configure RSS Feeds for other installed modules, such as News or Calendar.

Image Gallery

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Galleries can be dropped into any page on your website.

Events Calendar

An online calendar, perfect for people with functions or clinics to promote or for detailing competition schedules.

Form Builder

Create flexible online forms for customers and users to fill out to enable you to collect information, run competitions, offer application forms etc. The submitted data is automatically emailed to you.

Mailing List

Create and send mailshots to members or past customers using a branded email.

Members Area

Create a Members Only section and manage members details, renewal dates etc. Fully configurable so specific groups can have access to certain pages that are not viewable for others. It also handles subscription memberships, recurring payments etc.


We can offer a full e-commerce site including shop, basket and payments. Most common payment is Paypal but we can normally accomodate your prefered service.

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